We are only a month away from your favorite heroes returning in Avengers: Endgame, and it's time for the biggest emotional payoffs. Now, Marvel has released a behind the scenes featurette that shows the actors behind your favorite Marvel heroes talking about the emotional impact of the ending of Infinity War and how these characters can top that in Endgame

One of the biggest writing takeaways from this video is how to set the stakes in a movie with this scope and scale, but still remain personal. 

Superhero movies get a lot of flack for never having harrowing stakes. We always know the bad guys lose and the good guys win, but that may not be the case in this movie. It's interesting to look and see how Marvel, known for their sunny and tonally happy hero movies, has redefined its genre and taken each character to the emotional brink. 

There's also a beauty in the dialogue of the trailer. This is a movie about "whatever it takes," so we know that sacrifice is on the table. Without knowing who lives and dies within this movie, what gets punctuated over and over again is that true heroism is not letting the worst part of your life win, but fighting with every ounce you've got to change the world to be a better place. 

This is definitely an exciting time to be a movie buff and to take inspiration from Earth's mightiest heroes in our own writing. 

Endgame_cryingIt'll be okay, Chris Evans.

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