With the Academy Awards set to go on February 24, 2019, you only have a few weeks to get your bets. We assembled the Vegas odds so you'd be able to not only make educated guesses in your Oscar pools but also take out a second mortgage on your home and bet for the underdogs with hops to hit it big. 

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Everyone else, check out our infographic on the Vegas odds for Best Picture. 


The Official Vegas Odds for the Best Picture Race: 

Vice: 50-1

Black Panther: 33-1

Bohemian Rhapsody: 18-1

A Star is Born: 10-1

BlacKkKlansman: 9-1

The Favourite: 8-1

Green Book: 3.75-1

Roma: 1-1.1

What I'm doing with my money: 

After seeing Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody pick up steam at the Golden Globes, I would put them at logical dark horses to possibly take it all. While I don't want to go into a whole deal about them, I just want to say Bryan Singer is gross and I hope he never works again.

Green Book is my Mom's favorite movie this year. You have to consider it to be a formidable entry into the race because most of the Academy is my mom's age. Yes, that's my reasoning there. I'm not a scientist.  

My Dad liked Vice, but I think that's mostly because of all the heart attacks. Which he thought were hilarious. 

Vice has the longest odds, but you never know with Adam McKay. He's generated a lot of goodwill in town. Though I wouldn't bet all of Sadaam's gold on it. 

Personally, I'm pulling for BlacKkKlansman. Spike got cheated out of his 1989 Best Picture, and this movie is so superb and relevant that I really hope it takes the crown. 

One movie I thought would be sweeping this awards season is A Star Is Born. Recently, Gaga and Cooper showed up in Vegas for an impromptu performance that definitely helped their buzz. 

Still, I was so sure A Star is Born was going to be the winner this year. So far its gotten almost no love. 

Oscar predictions for Best Picture are hard to pin down now. I would have said Black Panther had no chance, but after taking Best Ensemble at the SAG awards now I think you have to consider it behind Roma as a favorite. Especially knowing that the Academy wanted to add a "Popular Film" category.

In the acceptance speech, Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman channeled Nina Simone’s classic song “To Be Young, Gifted, and Black,” to shed some light on the current state of Hollywood. 

“When I think of going to work every day and the passion and the intelligence, the resolve, the discipline that everybody showed, I also think of two questions that we all have received during the course of multiple publicity runs...One is: Did we know that this movie was going to receive this kind of response? Meaning, was it going to make a billion dollars? Was it going to still be around during this awards season? The second question is: Has it changed the industry? Has it actually changed the way this industry works [and] how it sees us? And my answer to that is: ‘To be young, gifted, and black.'”

It's tough to see The Favourite not getting much love. Especially with the stars giving such charismatic and energetic performances. 

What are you thinking of betting on when it comes to the Best Picture? 

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And happy Oscar season! Choose your bets wisely!