CAME-TV is proud to announce that the new version of their Boltzen Q-Series lights are now on the market. Let’s take a look at the updated 55w High Output Video Light now on the market, which offers 10% more brightness, two NP batteries and built in Wi-Fi and complete wireless remote controls.

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The Boltzen 55w High Output Video Light

Boltzen Q-Series

An update on CAME-TV’s popular Q-Series 55w, the Boltzen 55w High Output Video Light is a versatile option that allows for everything from a tight spot to a wide flood in one continuous light. With the 10% more output and new two battery slots for Sony style NPF batteries, the adjustable Fresnel lens makes the Boltzen 55w a new powerhorse for all film and video needs.

CAME-TV even engaged in an independent lab to conduct standardized photobiological testing on the Boltzen series lights to which they passed. You can read the full report here.

Here are the complete specs and features:

  • High CRI (Ra96+)

  • Adjustable Frequency

  • Color Temperature 5600K

  • There is 1 LED COB (Chip On Board)

  • Built in fan

  • Barndoor can easily adjust the lighting direction

  • AC Power Adapter included

  • Dimming Knob can steplessly adjust the brightness according to users’ need.

  • LCD Display Screen

  • Can be powered from NP Series batteries or V-Mount Battery

  • Filter Set includes Soft, Milky-White and Orange filters that can change the color temperature to match an existing setup or create a specific lighting look.

  • Optional Bowens-Mount provides an easy way to mount a softbox and any other studio accessories

As always with CAME-TV products, you have a complete array of customizable options for the Boltzen 55w High Output Video Light, including:

  • Boltzen Magnetic Snap Fit Modifier Kit

  • Bowens Adapter (BWSMALL)

  • CAME-TV V-Mount Plate With Clamp (VM06)

  • CAME-TV Compact V-Mount Li-Ion Battery 130Wh (CM-BP130S

  • 2.4m Multi-function Stand (SD1)

  • SB4040 Foldable and Quick Set-Up Softbox With Bowens Speedring

  • 2X CA-F750 Battery + FM50 USB Battery Charger Kit (FM50-F750)

  • 2X CA-F970 Battery + FM50 USB Battery Charger Kit (FM50-F970)

Base Price: $348.00