It's hard to put Frank Oz and Derek Delgaudio's In & Of Itselfinto words. That's how they wanted it. It's something that must be seen to be... not believed?

We keep the interview spoiler-free, diving into what inspired this anarchy, what moved Oz and DelGaudio to build something new and break things in the process.

After I switched off my recorder and took in all Oz and DelGaudio shared, I walked into the other room to find my children watching... the Muppets. It served as a reminder that Oz's drive to create things with a purpose and risk failure by being different results in a legacy and an impact that echoes for generations.

We are motivated to create things for a variety of reasons. Frank Oz and Derek DelGaudio were motivated by some of the best reasons. Oz said working with DelGaudio reminded him of the early early days with Jim Henson when they were just trying things. Breaking things. Discovering things. 

More than success, the highlight is always concocting something new.

There is no guarantee that you can find the type of success Oz and DelGaudio have. But there is a guarantee that you can find the same joy if you pursue things the way they did. Let their anarchy guide us all to taking chances, evading definitions, and breaking molds.

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