Everyone is buzzing and it's not from the radiation. Chernobyl has become the most talked about show this summer. Over the last five episodes, we've been privy to the human story at the center of the disaster. The writing has been phenomenal. Each episode tackled a different part of the humanitarian effort to save Europe and the trial that ensued after. 

It was a mini-series that's sure to be in the conversation when it comes time for the Emmys.

Now, the writer, producer, and mind behind the show, Craig Mazin, has made all five screenplays available to read.    

Where do I download the Chernobyl screenplays? 

Lucky for us, Craig's podcast partner, John August, is hosting all the screenplays on his website under the library. Usually, we'd post direct links, but John has requested that we link to the library so that the links remain unbroken. So we did that! Scroll down for all the episodes free for you to download! 

Download all the screenplays from the John August Script Library here! 

  1. Episode 1 – “1:23:45”
  2. Episode 2 – “Please Remain Calm”
  3. Episode 3 – “Open Wide, O Earth”
  4. Episode 4 – “The Happiness Of All Mankind”
  5. Episode 5 – “Vichnaya Pamyat”

Should I read the scripts before I watch the episodes?

Craig Mazin says no.


If you want to do a deeper dive into Chernobyl, I recommend the podcast with Peter Sagal and Craig Mazin which delves into each episode. They go deep on what was left out in the edit and in the writing process. You can hear how Craig mapped all the episodes as well and learn more about his research. 

What's next? Download the There Will Be Blood Screenplay!

There's more than milkshakes to this story. Let's dissect the There Will Be Blood script PDF together...Paul Thomas Anderson has been one of the most talked about writer-directors since he came onto the scene with Hard Eight. Since then, his movies have been must-see theatrical experiences. But none more so than There Will Be Blood. When There Will Be Blood burst into cinemas it was a tour-de-force of acting, directing, cinematography, and musical scores. 

Click the link to learn more!