The hyper-lapse. It’s that super cool time-lapse video sequence that conveys speed, the passage of time, and even focuses the eyes on a single subject. 

However, if you need to repeat the time-lapse over and over with motion control, a computer-controlled dolly can be a valuable tool. That’s what HYPERDOLLY is designed to do.


“The concept is simple, yet powerful,” reads the copy on the HYPERDOLLY site. ”Unlike traditional motion control systems, such as sliders, HYPERDOLLY has unlimited path length and the ability to move in an arc to create eye-catching footage.”

This is what makes HYPERDOLLY stand out over other motion control systems. Since it's based on a wheeled design, the motorized dolly can travel further and hopefully via a non-linear path. The compositions this opens up to time-lapse creators are exciting to think about.

Hyperdolly Side ViewCredit: Hyperdolly

In contrast, the Rhino Arc II slider would offer similar creative possibilities for example, but it would limit them to the length of the slider you are using. 

The fold-up undercarriage can be set up in seconds, with a single screw to tighten it in place. Then, a turning angle up to 60 degrees can be set on the steering leg to select the kind of turning arc needed to shoot at. 

On the other hand, a straight line can also be deployed. This means that HYPERDOLLY can essentially go wherever it needs to, either in a straight line, a gentle arc, or perhaps even a full circle.

Hyperdolly CarCredit: Hyperdolly

To get things moving, HYPERDOLLY's main power plant looks to be a powerful step motor that is very similar to what drives 3D printers. These motors are very powerful, yet virtually silent in their operations, enabling HYPERDOLLY to travel at a smooth speed of up to 9 cm/s, or as little as .9cm/s and have little effect on any audio recording happening simultaneously.  

At this speed, the result is a very natural hyper-lapse image. that doesn’t look fake.Check out its showreel below:

Additionally, the step motor power not only translates travel upon level ground, but thanks to its large polyurethane wheels, the motors are strong enough to push the dolly across uneven terrain as well.

HYPERDOLLY is also powerful enough to handle multiple rigs up to about 24 lbs. and can operate in a “loop mode” for interviews. Crews can also operate the Hyperdolly in manual mode for more conventional applications.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on HYPERDOLLY just yet. While we usually wait until a product is announced for sale, the idea of a motorized dolly for time-lapse for a fairly reasonable price is something we didn’t want to pass up. 

Currently, HYPERDOLLY is set to be crowdfunded, with a price of $1,350, a 20% off early bird discount.

Check it out here or on their website.

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