In case you hadn't heard there are at least two documentaries out there now about the mega-disaster event known as the Fyre Festival, one from Netflix and one from Hulu. (And in fact there may actually be three one day as it definitely looks like the story is far from over - read more here.)

Nerdist, however, just added one more to the pool with its hilariously creative mash-up of the Fyre Festival footage and... Jurassic Park (Slashfilm covered it). 

It's a match made in heaven. Or at least in Isla Nubar. 

The editors at the Nerdist jumped at the opportunity to put together the cinema classic with something on the tip of everyone's tongue, and in everyone's streaming queue. It's a pretty well-done mash-up using the right clips from the Jurassic Park films, as well as some video quality BTS shots to give it that real-raw look that footage from the Fyre Festival docs has. 

Throw in the perfect lines of dialogue from Jeff Goldblum and you have the makings of virality. 


Source: SlashFilm