There's nothing more exciting than when you watch an expert long take pulled off inside a movie or TV show. It feels like you're bearing witness to the complete mastery of storytelling you're totally absorbed into a world. You know from reading this site that there are six kinds of long takes, but one thing that really sticks out to me is that long takes are no longer regulated to expensive movie sets. 

People are using them all over television to make their series more cinematic. 

We all know long takes have their limits, but they still feel like excellent ways to sell total control to your audience. And if you're writing pops off the page, it can lead to cinematography that pops off the screen. 

Take a look at this behind the scenes doc on how Maisel pulled off an incredible long take in season two of the show and how that long take added to the story, look, and feel of the series. 

If you want to learn more about shooting your own long takes, check out our in-depth breakdown of the creative camera work. 

What are some of your favorite long takes from television? 

Post them in the comments!