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So, it’s with some invested excitement that we get to share the news about the new RØDE PodMic. Let’s take a look at this new lil bad boy…

The RØDE PodMic

As mentioned in the video, rumors about this new RØDE PodMic have been swirling since it was originally seen in the RØDECaster Pro launch video. Now, however it officially announced and ready to ship in January 2019. Here are the full details and stats:

  • Acoustic Principle: Dynamic

  • Frequency Range: 50Hz - 13kHz

  • Output Connection: XLR

  • Weight: 937g

  • Internal pop shield and double-mesh housing for excellent plosive and sibilance control

  • Solid brass construction finished in a hard-wearing matt black

  • Integrated swing-mount for easy positioning

Price: $149 (special introductory price of $99)