Teased early this year, RED looks to be finally releasings its latest camera offering - the RED Ranger. Yet, unlike most of their current line of cinema cameras, the RED Ranger will only be available to rent from RED certified rental houses.

Designed around RED’s 8K Monstro sensor, the RED Ranger is an all-in-one camera system with its own power distribution, integrated I/Os, audio, timecode and other features. It looks like it will effectively become the “go to ready to go out of the box” RED camera setup option.

Let’s take a look at the RED Ranger and its complete kit buildout to see if it might be a good rental-only option.

Introducing the RED Ranger

As mentioned in its initial announcement on REDUSER, the Ranger was custom built for the high-end rental house needs. With the 8K Monstro sensor, it should definitely be a beast comparable to the DSMC2 Monstro 8K VV.

A quick look at the RED Ranger features:

  • Integrated I/O’s

  • Three SDI outputs (two mirrored and one independent)

  • Support for wider input voltage (11.5-32V)

  • 24V & 12V power outs (two of each)

  • 12V P-Tap port

  • Integrated 5-pin XLR stereo audio input (line/mic/+48V selectable)

  • Genlock, timecode, USB, and control

  • Shimmed PL mount

  • Large diameter fan provides improved thermal performance

  • Available in V-Lock or Gold Mount variants

And everything included in a complete kit buildout:

  • Production Top Handle

  • PL Mount with supporting shims

  • Two 15mm LWS rod brackets

  • RED Pro Touch 7.0″ LCD with 9″ ARM and LCD/EVF cable

  • LCD/EVF Adaptor A and LCD/EVF Adaptor D

  • 24V AC Power Adaptor with 3-pin 24V XLR Power Cable

  • Compatible Hex and Torx tools

To rent the RED Ranger, you can find the nearest authorized rental house here