OK, there are going to be some naysayers on this one, but technically speaking if you believe in even just one conspiracy theory (say the moon landing, the JFK assassination or that Little Caesars is actually feeding people DiGiorno’s frozen pizzas) then you are in fact a conspiracy theorist yourself. Which means you can never question the validity of any other conspiracy theory on the grounds of not having enough evidence or, you know, common sense.

So, with that established, we now present a new, terrifying conspiracy theory put forth by LA based comedian Cait Raft that posits that Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born takes place in an alternate universe where 9/11 never happened.

A Conspiracy Theory is Born

Before we get into the nitty gritty facts of the matter, let’s look at some superficial elements at play here. First, we have Bradley Cooper who directed and co-wrote the screenplay for A Star is Born, which itself is based on an original 1937 cinema classic of the same name, which itself has been remade several times already.

Cooper as well as famously stars as Jackson "Jack" Maine, an established singer-songwriter and alcoholic, who discovers Ally (Lady Gaga) singing in a nightclub drag bar. Their blossoming love story is one for the ages and most notably captured continuing on stage in real life at the 2019 Oscars where Cooper and Gaga nearly succumbed to their mutual lust in front of a live national audience.

However, as Raft explains in her video essay below (based upon a popular power point performance of her own), the storybook narrative which Cooper’s A Star is Born presents actually has a dark underbelly.

Over a rough 20-minutes, Raft breaks down, point-by-point, how Cooper was able to whitewash history as a means to serve his pro-country fusion narrative of unlikely love and rags-to-riches stardom in a word 9/11-free, with points that include:

  • Alec Baldwin hosting SNL proves that Trump was never elected president

  • Jackson Maine’s overstated popularity despite being a country artist

  • The record company actually wants artists to release albums

  • The two L’s in “Shallow” represent the twin towers

Not convinced? Watch for yourself and decide.