Somewhere lost in the constant drone of new digital cinema cameras and the constant string of camera cage improvements and knick-knacks are the tiny rumblings of a budding camera lens revolution which has been years—if not decades—in the making. Nearly every cinematographer in the world seems dead-set on finding the most classic, vintage, and primal lenses to shoot their projects on.

Of course, there are plenty of new lenses from legacy brands coming out, but sadly they don't always pique the filmmaking zeitgeist as much as it should. The lenses just don't seem to have any personality, even if they are sharp as a tack with amazing autofocus motors.

But now, another new series of anamorphic lenses is set to hit the market. Meet the TECHNOVISION Large Format 1.5X AproXima lenses from P+S Technik. Will the greater film and video world will finally turn and notice?

PS Technik_TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima 100mm100mm T/2.5Credit: P+S Technik

TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima Lenses

Built upon the TECHNOVISION 1.5X, the AproXima series is a new generation of large-format anamorphic lenses that are set to change the game of anamorphic close-focus cinematography. 

Releasing as a set consisting of four focal lengths, we’ll initially get a 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, and a 100mm. In the future, creatives can expect additional focal lengths in 135mm, 150mm, and 200mm. 

All of these add up to the promise of some stunning close-focus anamorphic looks. All the way from 1'2" for the 75mm and 100mm, and 1'7" for the 40m and 50mm. Wide open, these lenses will go to T2.2 (40mm, 50mm) and T2.5 (75mm, 100mm). The first pair is just a hair faster than Cooke's full-frame anamorphics.

PS Technik_TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima 50mm50mm T/2.2Credit: P+S Technik

Specs and Features

Yes, these new TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima lenses are going to be fast and close with the anamorphic elements being placed in the front to achieve a very unique anamorphic bokeh. Creatives should also see plenty of fascinating lens flares as the lenses will help to create a perfect balance of modern tones and nostalgic character.

ps_technik_technovision_1.5x_aproxima_75mm76mm T/2.5Credit: P+S Technik

Here are some detailed specs:

  • Close Focus at 1'2" and 1'7"
  • Max T-stop 2.2 to 2.5
  • Designed for Large Format
  • Available in PL and LPL mount
  • Front diameter 156mm
  • Innovative combination of single and multilayer coating

All said, these AproXima lenses should deliver high contrast and deliberate flares, which will ultimately help define the lens’ character. But with that speed on large format, it'll take an experienced AC to pull sharp focus.

If that's you, you better start practicing. 

Price and Availability

The new TECHNOVISION 1.5X AproXima lenses are available to both rent and/or buy at selected locations in the United States and abroad which you can find on the P+S website here. Unfortunately, they don't come cheap and will run you about $23,580 a pop for the initial batch of focal lengths.

For most, this will be a rental-only item. But is it worth it? Well, P+S Technik have been around since 1990 and have won awards for their digital high-speed cameras and DOF adapters. We'll let you be the judge.

But if you happen to own a rental house or are just a super rich cinematographer, you can pick up a set for about as much as a nice Ferrari. Lenses like these are quality glass and aren't always made in bulk, so they'll also keep their value over time. The images you'll create with them? Those will last forever.

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