Well this has certainly been an interesting week for some creative new filmmaking gear news. First we have nifty new XL color chart for drone videographers, then a Babysitt'r ground light mount, now some pretty interesting tripod news.

There’s a new campaign for ‘the world’s first titanium tripod system’ that’s been blowing up on Kickstarter. It’s already exceeded its $50,000 goal, but still has 27 days to go. Let’s take a look at this strong and durable creation and what it could mean for interested filmmakers.

A Titanium Tripod System

So this new Kickstarter, started by Colorado Tripod Company (can you guess where they hail from?), makes some pretty bold statements about their revolutionary technology. Namely that their product will introduce the world’s first titanium ballhead and also world’s first titanium hollowball.

This patent-pending technology does offer an interesting alternative to aluminum ballheads and tripods for more precision, higher durability and a greater range of motion. It’s also nice to see a new take on photo and video tripods with left handed operation and a full 90-degree axis.

Price and Specs

Titanium Tripod Specs

Not that there aren’t several other tripod options that offer many of the same functionalities (like these two options from Manfrotto for example), but the Kickstarter’s titanium prototypes do look intriguing (and still offer aluminin versions with even more competitive price points).

If you are interested, you can check out the full Kickstarter campaign here. Specs on the Titanium Highline Ballhead are below.

  • CNC Machined Titanium

  • 54lbs Locking Force

  • 48mm Titanium Hollowball (65g)

  • Left-Handed Operation

  • <12 oz Weight

  • Price: $499