The traditional color chart is an invaluable tool on film sets (if you've never used one before, here's how). If you want to match multiple cameras together it's essential to have a known reference image you can look to in post, and a color chart is the standard tool. As post software gets more sophisticated, it's possible for grading applications like Da Vinci Resolve to automatically give a neutral balance to footage based on the chart.

X-Rite is one of the leaders in this market, and their color checker video is fully supported by Resolve for automatic balancing (btw - here are our favorite things about Resolve 15). The only problem is that sometimes it's too small. Of course, it's great that they make both a normal sized option and a pocket sized to keep with you, but until recently they just didn't have a jumbo reference. Now they've launched the XL, filling in the rest of their line.

The X-Rite ColorChecker XL


Why would you want a color chart so big? Sometimes you are on a wide prime lens and can't zoom in to fill the frame with a smaller chart.  Sometimes you are on an older zoom that color shifts as you zoom in, and want to leave the lens wide for calibration. Sometimes you are working on a sporting or live action event with cameras stages far back.

All of those are good reason, but the clear reason why this product finally launched now is drone work. Matching footage between your drone, even when it's a high end drone, and your ground footage often involves some finesse. The ability to shoot a chart identical to your ground chart from the sky and to use that to start the matching process is vital. This is a definite must for drone cinematographers booking a lot of jobs where their footage needs to intercut seamlessly with the rest of production.

Honestly, for some shoots we might even want access to a XXXL, though just having an XL is a nice start.

Available now.

Tech Specs:

  • Lie flat or self-standing
  • 19.8 x 13.05" (50.3 x 33.1cm)
  • 0.12" (3.0mm) thick
  • Compatible with Da Vinci Resolve and 3DLUT creator