The days of expensive Teradek wireless video transmitters seem to be gone as more and more affordable options are becoming available. While most may not be the perfect solution for big-budget production on a tight timetable, they get pretty damn close. 

Now, the Accsoon CineView SE SDI & HDMI wireless video transmitter has made its debut, and it wants to add another option to the affordability column. This comes not long after the CineView HE version shipped a couple of months ago. The two versions are nearly identical, but the SE adds SDI to both the transmitter and receiver.

Let’s dive in to see what all the fuss is about!

Cineview_se_monitoringCredit: Accsoon

HDMI When You Want It, SDI When You Need It

The addition of SDI up levels the Accsoon CineView to fit more professional workflows. The transmitter (TX) has an SDI and HDMI input, while the receiver (RX) features a pair of the same for output. The units support 1080p60 transmission up to 1200 feet (365.5 meters) with a line of sight. The TX and RX are also both compact, weighing just 7.4 oz./210 g., making them highly portable.

Both the TX and RX units have four removable antennae and dual-band wireless technology with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. The signal is transmitted over both bands simultaneously, and the receiver will combine the signals into one video stream with a stated latency of 50ms or less.

The Accsoon Go app allows for livestreaming.Accsoon Go AppCredit: Accsoon

Filmmakers and content creators can add up to four Accsoon CineView SE RX units to one TX unit so that clients, producers, or hair and makeup can monitor the shot. It's also compatible with up to four mobile devices (iOS or Android) with the Accsoon Go app. 

The Accsoon Go app allows for livestreaming (HD), in addition to monitoring and recording. Footage can also be shared to social media channels, which means even your mom can get a chance to see your composition. If she wants to check your focus and exposure, the app also features a histogram, focus peaking, and false color; LUT loading and recording; Onion Skin Overlay (for repeatable shots); and Smart Sharpening to get more accurate focus.

Accsoon CineView SE SDI & HDMI wireless TX/RX Features 

The new Accsoon CineView wireless video transmitter and receiver set has some nice features that all filmmakers will appreciate.

  • Twin Image Transmission over 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • Mix up to 4 Receivers, Tablets, and Phones (via the Accsoon Go app)
  • 1080p60 HDMI/SDI Transmission to 1200 feet (365.5 meters)
  • iOS/Android App with Zebra & LUT Support
  • 1.3-inch OLED Displays, >50ms Latency
  • L-Series Battery Support up to 12 Hours
  • Automatic Channel Selection, DC Input
  • Fan-less Design (keeping things quiet and cool), Aluminum Construction

The Accsoon CineView SE SDI & HDMI wireless TX/RX set costs an affordable $649, which is a great price and lines up with similar units from other companies. Speaking of which…

How Does it Stack Up Against the Competition?

The Accsoon CineView SE does face some formidable competition with the likes of the new DJI Transmission, Teradek's Spark 4K and Bolt 4K LT, and the Hollyland Mars 400S PRO.

All of the video transmitters/receivers are fairly popular and widely used, and while the Transmission is new, DJI has a great reputation for sending video over long distances. CineView SE may be cheap, but Accsoon has enjoyed praise for its CineEye 2S.

Dji_transmissionDJI TransmissionCredit: Courtesy of DJI

The DJI Transmission can transmit 1080p60 across 20,000 feet (that's 6 KM), a jaw-dropping feat when compared to the CineView SE (1200 ft.), Spark 4K (500 ft. in 4K), Bolt 4K LT (750 ft. and 1500 ft. in 4K), and Mars 400S PRO (400 ft.). If you think that's a typo, check our write-up of the DJI Transmission with some proof. 

The Bolt 4K LT is an industry-standard. However, it starts at $2,000 for the transmitter and receiver set (750 ft.) and can get up to $3,500 for the 1,500 ft. versions. The Teradek Spark 4K is priced at around $1,500 for the transmitter/receiver set. But with those prices, you get what you pay for. 

The DJI Transmission starts at $1,099, putting it more in line with Teradek's solutions, while the Hollyland Mars 400S PRO costs $599 for the transmitter and receiver. It's much more in line with the CineView SE.


The Accsoon CineView SE SDI & HDMI wireless TX/RX is definitely worth considering for a dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) 1080p60 wireless video transmitter, especially if you're on a budget, with a price of $649 for the transmitter and receiver set.

If you don't need SDI, the CineView HE costs only $499.

Accsoon CineView

  • Wireless Video Transmitter/Receiver
  • Transmission over 2.4 & 5 GHz
  • Mix up to 4 Receivers, Tablets & Phones
  • 1080p60 HDMI/SDI Transmission to 1200' w/ SE
  • HDMI only w/ HE
  • iOS/Android App w/ Zebra & LUTs
  • 1.3" OLED Displays, >50ms Latency
  • L-Series Battery up to 12 Hours
  • Automatic Channel Selection
  • DC Input

The ability to also use one TX unit with up to four RX units or mobile devices with the Accsoon Go app is great when you need more than one person monitoring, plus it allows for livestreaming. Learn more at Accsoon's site

Let us know what you think of the Accsoon CineView. Will it find its way into your toolkit?

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