A wireless camera control system saves you time and labor on set, all while giving you the access you need to guarantee the quality of every frame of footage.

And Teradek wants to make sure you have all the tools you need. 

Free thyself from the nest of cables from whence you came. Teradek's latest in remote camera control will soothe what ails you, all in a package more compact and manageable than ever.

A New Chapter in Teradek's Wireless 4K Bolt Legacy

This new generation of Teradek technology ushers in an age of wireless compatibility, streamlined design, and compatibility across the board. If you think you know Teradek, you haven't seen half of it yet.

At the center of the maelstrom: Teradek MDR.S, a camera control receiver tiny enough for any camera build to accommodate.

The Teradek MDR.S Wireless Receiver

The MDR.S is a successor of the Teradek MDR.X, already one of the brand's most lightweight Bolt 4K offerings. It builds upon the series as a much more compact control hub for your build. Three axes of motor support allow you to daisy-chain up to three devices remotely.


Any standard set-up will be more than covered, but this system isn't limited to focus-pullers, iris control, and zoom. Wireless stop-and-start, Bluetooth lens-mapping, and third-party antenna support are only the beginning:

  • A 28-volt input capacity
  • A wireless range of up to 5,000 feet
  • Compatibility with the entire catalog of Bolt devices

This three-channel wireless camera system weighs a scant 68 grams, less than half of its already ultra-compact predecessor. If you prefer to stay light on your feet, there is no contest. It's awesome for remote documentary work, guerilla filmmakers, handheld enthusiasts, and any low-budget project on the rails.

Aside from the device's economical onboard OLED display, you'll also be able to access everything you need by way of the RT iOS app. It's great when operating remotely with things like drones and motorized dana dollies, but the UI is just as functional when you're right by your camera's side, as well.


The Teradek Bolt 4K LT HDMI Wireless System

This mini-collection includes two wireless devices, the Bolt LT HDMI 750 TX and the accompanying Bolt 4K LT HDMI 750 RX (a wireless transmitter and receiver, respectively). The Bolt Manager app acts as your control panel; unprecedented pairing speeds allow you to work out your camera control set-up in seconds.

Teradek's own BB3 wireless chipset builds a robust bridge between each device, enabling the system to deliver incredible 4K HDR picture quality at any resolution. When they say zero-delay, they do not exaggerate—this Amimon-driven system takes no prisoners and will never leave you high and dry in the thick of it.

You're able to include up to six receivers at once in this incredibly flexible wireless camera control system, which means your Teradek collection can be scaled up and down with each new project. The signal produced is even protected by AES-256 encryption, turning ne'er-do-wells away at the door.

Teradek 4K Bolt w/ Canon

Bringing It All Together: Teradek Bolt 4K Wireless Camera Control

This last bit of news is actually a free firmware update, but it serves as a significant upgrade to this unstoppable suite of wireless tools. It's a collaboration between Teradek and SmallHD, purveyors of on-set displays of all possible types.

With this software update, you'll be able to tap and go using your Bolt 4K system in tandem with any of SmallHD's Smart 7 monitors—the Cine 7, the Indie 7, and the 702 Touch.

Your viewport now acts as your point of control for all consoles and receivers involved in your configuration. It's a fully-integrated, in-line UI that puts your entire world at your fingertips, no wifi required. Instead, this system relies on an independent, zero-delay signal.

As some of Teradek's latest and greatest, this system is compatible with all of the heavyweights, including Sony's upcoming VENICE camera:

  • ARRI Alexa Mini LF

Universal compatibility with the entire Bolt 4K collection and any of Teradek's RT handsets make this one update you won't want to skip. Maintain full control over every shot from anywhere on set.

Why Thousands of Filmmakers Prefer a Teradek Wireless System

It's been a huge week for Teradek—these three brand-new offerings all make orchestrating the shot of a lifetime simple and intuitive. If you already love this extensive family of camera control devices, you will not be disappointed moving forward.

Zero-delay camera control just got a whole lot sweeter. With these tools in tow, you'll never find yourself tripping over cables again.


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