The summer of labor has been incredibly interesting to cover and to be a part of. As SAG-AFTRA, the WGA, and DGA all make deals or work on deals with the AMPTP, there's been a ton of headlines. More often than not, the headlines have showcased the point of view of the people fighting for higher wages and basic needs.

That's because the AMPTP has been concentrating on leaking other details to the press to gauge the feelings and public discourse with some of their moves.

Even though I'm biased, I think everyone can admit that the studios involved with the AMPTP need a rebrand. They're coming out of this looking like greedy barons doing anything to squeeze a buck out of projects. The faces of the strike on their side are billionaires and anonymous execs who said they would starve writers and actors out of their houses.

It's very clear the AMPTP needs to course correct. They know that, so that's why, according to Bloomberg, they brought in some new PR firms to chat with about how to get the story back in their court.

What does that mean for the strikes?

Well, if they are meeting with these firms, it could mean they think they have time to change the message, and they assume the strike will go on long enough for them to alter the message.

Another possibility is that they think the strike will end soon and want to make sure they get the best bounce-back possible in the headlines.

As you can see, no one really knows anything.

For now, we just will keep an eye on what the new headlines are and how they are received all around.

And whether or not the deals moving forward can do anything to change what it's like to be a writer, actor, or director in Hollywood.