Expected to launch on Indiegogo here in March 2024, the world is finally ready to be introduced to the Laowa Nanomorph Zoom series for Super35 sensors. Set to offer two lenses with a constant T2.9 aperture and covering 28-55mm and 50-100mm focal lengths, these two compact and affordable anamorphic zoom lenses could revolutionize the world of Super35 filmmaking.

Let’s take a look at these two upcoming zoom lenses from Laowa and explore what you could expect, and how you can follow along with their crowdfunding campaign for these worldshattering lenses.

Laowa Nanomorph Anamorphic Zoom Lenses

Revealed in a teaser video on their Indiegogo site (which is currently up and ready for sign-ups before officially launching on March 1st, 2024), these new Laowa Nanomorph Zoom lenses promise to be the most affordable and compact anamorphic zooms for Super35 sensors ever conceived.

The two lenses are set to weigh just over 3 lbs (1.5 kgs) each and as a kit will release as two PL mount lenses with a constant aperture of T2.9 and cover 28-55mm and 50-100mm focal lengths, respectively. Which should certainly be a nice combo to cover a wide range of uses and needs from close-up to wide-range.

These new Nanomorph Anamorphic zoom lenses also will feature a 3.6x zoom range that should provide low distortion and chromatic aberration. They’ll also be set with a constant 1.5x squeeze and will feature silver, amber, and blue flares if you’re looking to customize your visual looks.

Price and Availability

From Laowa’s marketing videos, the company promotes that these lenses would be ideal for remote or crane shots, or possibly for performing technical shots like the dolly zoom.

They’re also marketed towards any cinematographers looking to be able to adjust the framing and speed, as well as the perspective for their shots without changing lenses or losing time on set—promising that these anamorphic zooms will be perfect for DPs to use on different scales of productions.

We don’t have exact prices for these lenses either individually or as a set just yet as the Indiegogo has not yet been officially released. However, the site does share that if you sign up to be notified when the campaign launches you’ll receive 30% off for a set.

All of which you can do here on the Indiegogo campaign page.