Aputure Ships their Very Punchy Spotlight (w/Carry Case and Pre-Built Gobos)

Popular powerful LED maker Aputure ships their new Spotlight Ellipsoidal attachment.

Way back at NAB 2018 Aputure showed a few things that haven't made it to market yet but are very exciting.  While we're still waiting on the RGB with a color picker, they are now shipping the second most exciting unit from that NAB, their "Spotlight" ellipsoidal attachment for 120 and 300 daylight units (and probably any light that uses a Bowens mount).  For those of you who love the ability to create a very punchy, hard light, this is big. 

A little background...

Ellipsoidal units, sometimes called Leko units, first gained popularity in theater lighting, but have long been very popular on film sets for that time when you need a very bright, very punchy shaft of light with a very hard edge. 

With this Spotlight you get all of the best features users are looking for in any spotlight unit all rolled into a single package.  The lenses are designed to have a very small color shift, less than 200 degrees, which can easily be compensated for if you need very precise lighting by sticking a gel in the internal gel holder.

In that same slot, you could also use B-size gobos (those discs that let you project images on a wall), and (if you wanted to get really fancy) there are many affordable places online to order precision-cut gobo's

Is the hero in your project having a launch party for their new business?  Get a custom gobo cut and project their logo on the side of the wall of a warehouse and you have a very affordable way to create a big-budget feeling "party" without having to print a logo giant-sized.  

The unit comes in either 19°, 26° or 36° beam spreads, with the 19° obviously giving the brightest punch (a claimed 10-time improvement over a normal unit in terms of brightness), with the 36° being darker but covering a larger area.  Built from aluminum, the unit smartly has the yoke attached directly to it.  Since it's going to be a heavy unit, Aputure has designed it so you mount the Spotlight to the stand (using either a baby pin or a junior pin), and then mount the relatively lightweight light to the back of the spotlight.  This is a very nifty, and highly appreciated choice to prevent your light from drooping after you shoot.

The unit comes combined in a kit with a carry case and some pre-built gobos including the ever-popular "foilage" which is useful for creating a "light through trees" effect.  Available now.

Tech Specs:

  • Less than 200 degrees Kelvin color shift
  • Dual Junior/Baby Mount
  • B-size Gobos, Gobo Holders, and gel frame
  • 19°, 26°, and 36°
  • 1mm edge fringing
  • Aluminum alloy die-cast metal body


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You should clarify that a 200º shift if in color *temperature*, which is indeed small. If it were a 200º shift in color (hue), that would be massive!

August 27, 2019 at 10:26AM

Joseph Moore
Creative Director

No sample photos?!?!?! This really sucks. Why don't you just have the article titles so people can just go do their own research. You might as well just link to the Apurture product page. Terrible.

August 27, 2019 at 1:48PM