Remote workflows have become an integrated part of production. From solutions like Crew in a Box to boompoles that let you record audio at a safe distance, companies are developing ways for productions to keep shooting while the effects of the pandemic still linger. ARRI has stepped up, detailing various solutions using existing products to use remote broadcast, cinema, and live events over on its website, but let's highlight what they have to offer. 

While we previously highlighted ARRI's Remote Solutions seminar, which can be viewed online, what's cool about ARRI is that they offer complete camera systems. It's not just the body or the lens, but also the accessories to build out a rig. Plus, you can use ARRI lights to illuminate your set. Because of that, ARRI has tools that can communicate with one another without needing to worry about which product is compatible with what app or software. They all can seamlessly work together. 

ARRI has created solutions to work completely off-set or nearby, allowing you to operate ARRI cameras, lights, and remote heads with proper social distancing. Check out this video demonstration below: 

While off-set remote solutions can be entirely internet dependent, on-set solutions give gaffers, DPs, and camera operators the opportunity to work hundreds of feet away when using wireless remote control, wireless video assist, and its lighting app Stellar, which controls its popular SkyPanel and Orbiter fixtures. And if an issue occurs on set, they can still be there to correct it. If curious to learn more, you can also schedule a live demo here.

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