Since the pandemic, Hollywood has taken to thinking outside the box for interviewing guests on TV shows, having roundtable discussions, and witnessing those reality TV confessionals. This can be a challenge when your talent is sheltering in place and has to serve as their own crew.

But now there’s an innovative turnkey product that provides a "Crew in a Box" for setting up and getting that perfect interview remotely.

Winner of the 2020 IABM Create Award for best technological innovation, the Wavemaker Creative Crew in a Box is designed for capturing direct-to-camera interviews, interstitials, roundtable discussions, press junkets, and other productions remotely recorded without access to an on-location crew.

It is the brainchild of Clio Award-winning director Ira Rosensweig, cinematographer Dallas Sterling, and visual fx supervisor Jeremy Fernsler.

Inside a military-grade Pelican-style case, there is a three-panel cinema light, teleprompter, a pair of mini shotgun and lavalier microphones, and a Blackmagic 6K Pocket Cinema Camera. The unit also comes with a second removable flatscreen monitor, useful for talking directly to the director via video conference, a reference monitor for the talent to see themselves, or even as a second teleprompter.

The sanitized case is delivered to your talent, and all they need to do is set it up on a table at a pre-agreed location in their home. This includes unfolding the three-panel cinema light, attaching the microphone, and plugging it in.

Once activated, the unit is controlled remotely via an independent bonded cellular connection by a director and his production team. The director and talent can also talk directly through a secondary channel or cellphone.

Crew in a Box is available for purchase or rental from Wavemaker Creative. There is no price listed on their website, but I did find some rough numbers in a discussion which hints at a daily rental fee of between $5,000/day, plus shipping. If using their full service, it drops down to $4,000/day with additional saving for multi-day rentals. 

That can be a bit pricey to some. Still, considering that the times we find ourselves in are greatly impacting much of a film and video makers' means to produce quality content, Crew in a Box represents an innovative and simple-to-use solution to ensure the show goes on.

You can find out more by jumping over to the Crew in a Box website.