The Sony FX3 is on the list to record ProRes RAW with an Atomos Ninja V monitor-recorder. Atomos has shared the news that it is developing firmware that will unlock external RAW recording up to 4K 60p.  

The FX3 is Sony's latest offering in its newly formed Cinema Camera Line and borrows a lot of its features from the popular a7S III, remixing it into a body better suited for video-centric workflows.

You can read our hands-on review of the FX3 here or find more detailed info about it here

Besides adding ProRes RAW to the FX3, Atomos says white balance and ISO/exposure offset adjustments will be made available for Final Cut Pro users when the firmware arrives. Having the metadata available to adjust the extra controls is great. Atomos previously announced the Alpha 1 will be receiving the same treatment. Hopefully, camera manufacturers continue to add the necessary metadata going forward, or even offer firmware updates for models that don't offer it so it can trickle down into the post pipeline.  

Similar to the Alpha 1 announcement, there's no word on when the firmware will be released.