With over 300,000 premium royalty-free tracks, Academy-winning sounds, and simple licensing options for film, YouTube videos, worldwide broadcasts, and everything in between, there are a lot of reasons to go with AudioHero for your next video.

Yet, before we dive into these nitty-gritty details about why you should choose AudioHero over other sound and royalty-free services, let’s start with a quote about the importance of sound in film.

“Sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.” - George Lucas

And, as the director of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace so astutely puts it, while often ignored, sound and music are hugely integral to a project’s success. So, whether it be for an epic sci-fi space opera of your own, or simply for your narrative shorts, wedding films, or corporate videos, here are all the reasons you should use sounds from AudioHero’s library on your next project.

(Plus, we have a pretty amazing deal to offer No Film School readers to boot.)

1. You Get All the Music and SFX You Will Need for $49

That’s right, you read it correctly.

For NFS readers, AudioHero is offering a special discount, which reduces the normal annual price of $196.00 down 75% to just $49.00 a year. All you need to do is use the special NFS code NFS75 and click this link to sign up. Please find further instructions at the bottom.

2. You Get Over 300,000 Premium Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects

When joining AudioHero, you’ll immediately get access to over 300,000 premium royalty-free music tracks and sound effects that you can start using today. 

 That’s well over several weeks of continuous streaming if you were to try to listen to every track and effect back-to-back, which means there should be more than enough options to find the right audio for whatever your projects need.


3. Featuring Academy Winning Sounds from Famous Films and Franchises

Even with its quantity, AudioHero is focused on providing quality sounds that have been trusted and used by some of the biggest films and franchises going today.

You can hear AudioHero sounds in films from franchises like Batman, The Fast and the Furious, Game of Thrones, and many, many more.

4. Includes Simple Licensing for YouTube and Abroad

So, now that we’ve gone over the sheer amount and high quality of the sounds available to you on AudioHero, let’s go over how these tracks work.

Simply put, when you download an audio file from your AudioHero subscription, it’s already ready to go for use anywhere, whether that be on YouTube or worldwide broadcast.

That means you can rest assured that your background soundtrack for your corporate video or every SFX slipped into your short film are safe to use wherever your heart desires.


5. Music and Sound Effects Cleared for All Social Media Platforms

Similarly, AudioHero sounds are also cleared for all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, etc. to go along with your social video sharing apps like YouTube and Vimeo.

Heck, if you’re still using Dailymotion, you can use your AudioHero tracks there, too.

6. Some of the Most Unique (and Rarest) Sounds in the World

AudioHero offers some of the best—and most unique—sounds in the world.

In the AudioHero library, you can find rare sounds from U.S. military carriers to glaciers in movement with new music and sound effects being added throughout the year to make the library even more diverse. 


How to Purchase AudioHero with the No Film School Discount

So, how do you go about purchasing an AudioHero subscription for yourself and your own video needs? Well, follow these steps below (or click here) to get your 75% discount by using the NFS special code.

Redemption Instructions:

  1. Click the redemption link above and fill out the registration (name, email, password, and the YouTube Channel Link is optional)
  2. Enter the promotional code (Code: NFS75) in the coupon code field
  3. Click "Sign Up," and then you will be requested by email to confirm your account
  4. Once you have confirmed your account, you will be able to start downloading and will receive a 75% discount on your annual plan.
  5. Enjoy!

What are your thoughts on diving into AudioHero’s diverse library? Let us know some of your favorite tracks and sounds below!