This week in filmmaking deals: Save almost 50% on an Eggtronic Universal Power Bank for laptops, tablets, and phones, as well as a whopping 60% on an Edelkrone FocusONE Follow Focus. Also, get $25 off of a Moment Pro Filmmaker Kit and $15 on a 2-pack of KUVRD Universal Lens Caps. Finally, Adorama is running a special that'll save you over $100 on a Z CAM E2-S6 Pro 35mm 6K Cinema Camera Kit, which includes the Z Cam camera body, a parfocal cine lens, a recording monitor from Atomos, and much more.

Eggtronic Universal Power Bank

Keeping your devices charged is essential for live on film sets, that's why it's smart to bring along a power bank when power and outlets are scarce. The Eggtronic Universal Power Bank boasts 63W of total output, a 20,000 mAh battery pack, and the ability to charge up to three devices at once. Get it now for $50, down from $90.

Moment Pro Filmmaker Kit

Moment Pro Filmmaker Set

$25 Off
$364 (was $389)

If you're looking to turn your phone into a filmmaking machine, take a look at the Moment Pro Filmmaker Kit. It comes with a cage that both mounts lenses and protects your device, one of Moment's high-quality mobile lens, a Wavo Mobile mic, a Lume Cube Light 2.0, and a lens cleaning pen. You get all of that for about $364.

Edelkrone FocusONE Follow Focus System

edelkrone FocusONE Follow Focus System

60% Off
$119 (was $299)

A follow focus is an essential piece of gear for any film project. The Edelkrone FocusONE Follow Focus features pen-free and ultra-precise focus marking, 2 B&W marker disks, 0.8 pitch gear, 100% CNC machined aluminum body, and it also works with any mechanical lens. This thing usually retails for $299, but it's on sale now for $119.

2-Pack KUVRD Universal Lens Cap (V1)

Lens caps are a pain...especially when the ones you have don't fit the lenses you're working with. KUVRD's solution to this problem is a lens cap that can stretch to fit any lens you've got. Right now, a 2-pack of KUVRD Universal Lens Cap (V1) is on sale for just $30.

Adorama Deal of the Week

Z CAM E2-S6 Pro 35mm 6K Cinema Camera Kit

At Adorama
$5490 (was $5616)

Adorama is running a special on this Z CAM E2-S6 Pro 35mm 6K Cinema Camera Kit, which includes the Z Cam camera body, DZOFILM Pictor 20-55mm T2.8 Super35 Parfocal Cine Lens, Atomos Ninja V 5" Touchscreen Recording Monitor, Swivel and Tilt Monitor Mount and top handle from SmallRig, two Green Extreme batteries and charger, and Zilr High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet. Get it now for $5490.