Want to keep up to date with big business in Hollywood? You can read every trade and scroll the internet ad nauseam, but I find the best way to keep my finger on the pulse is to listen to podcasts while I do my chores and run my errands.

So, what are the best podcasts about the business side of Hollywood?

Here's ten that I think you'll enjoy.

1. The Business with Kim Masters 

This podcast covers a wide range of topics related to Hollywood, including major studios like Paramount, Warner Bros. Discovery, Disney, Netflix, and mega-agencies CAA and Endeavor.

2. The Town with Matt Belloni

Hosted by founding partner Puck and Hollywood expert Matt Belloni, this podcast delves into breaking news and the inner workings of showbiz.

3. The Martini Shot 

Hosted by Rob Long, this podcast offers stories and lessons from the entertainment industry, often framed within the context of the "Martini Shot"—the last shot of a filming day.

4. The Ankler Podcast

Listen in as The Ankler team and industry insiders break down Hollywood's latest business headlines, power struggles, and trends shaping the town.

5. The No Film School Podcast

It's us! And we're a valuable resource for filmmakers, offering interviews, tips, and discussions about the independent film industry and the art of filmmaking.

6. Retake with John Horn

Hosted by John Horn, this podcast delves into the creative process of filmmaking, featuring interviews with directors, writers, and actors.

7. Crew Call With Anthony D'Alessandro

Offers behind-the-scenes insights into the movie industry, with interviews with key crew members who bring films to life.

8. The Ringer's Big Picture

Discusses film and the movie industry, including new releases, industry trends, and interviews with filmmakers.

9. New Hollywood

New Hollywood is a Deadline Hollywood podcast hosted by Amanda N'Duka and Dino Ray Ramos. Each week, they welcome a member of the entertainment industry as they discuss their unique journey and how the landscape of Hollywood is changing.

10. The Producer's Happy Hour

A podcast that likely offers insights into the experiences and challenges faced by producers in Hollywood, focusing on the production aspect of the film and television industry.

Each podcast provides unique perspectives and insights into different facets of the Hollywood film industry, from the creative process to the business and production sides.

If you want a long career in Hollywood, you should at least have a general idea of how the business side of things really work. It's always best practice as.a filmmaker to know how every aspect of production workers no matter what role you play.

This is a great way to get information and learn the big picture of how productions come together.

Let me know what other podcasts we should add in the comments.