Blackmagic had us so busy showing off a bunch of great new products, and a host of new software features, that nobody really noticed a firmware update coming for the 4K Pocket Cinema Camera. And with it comes not only the ability to shoot anamorphic at almost 3K resolution, but it also supports for framing where the image gets cropped. While Blackmagic has yet to reveal the timing on the firmware upgrade, it's a significant one that will make shooting for filmmakers more effective in the long term. 

The BMPCC4k can already shoot in widescreen, but up to now, it had been limited to 1080p. The new upcoming update will more than double the resolution for anamorphic mode, giving shooters another great shooting option.

And when shooting in Blackmagic Raw, users will be able to window the micro four-thirds image sensor to shoot 2.6K anamorphic uncompressed and at frame rates up to 120p. 2.8K widescreen is presumably available in other modes. That shows that the plucky little micro four-thirds image processor can handle a lot more than it was originally thought. 

Previously, the 4K Pocket could only shoot anamorphic Raw in 1080p. 

Framing guides and keeping level

The Camera Update will also give shooters new frame guides, including vertical video aspect ratios, plus support for making your own custom guides as well. And lastly, Blackmagic is giving BMPCC4K shooters a digital spirit level overlaid on the touchscreen to help shooters keep the image level when setting up their shots.

This new update gives the 4K Pocket legs to keep up with Raw development for a little while longer and assures 4K users who haven't upgraded to the 6K model, that Blackmagic isn't leaving them behind.

The update is listed as "coming soon," and all in all, while not a feature-laden update, it'll definitely be a useful one.

Source: RSN