Sometimes you want to just stick a light somewhere fast, something small and lightweight that you can tape, clip, or even jam into place. While Blindspot makes a lot of versatile units, including the innovative Tile with its great folding softbox, its newest product is its lightest ever, coming in at only 19 grams.

With a tiny 5 watt draw and a USB connector, you could even power it up with your phone in a pinch.

USB cables and battery packs are, of course, plentiful and cheap, which make a USB powered light an appealing and flexible option. Of course, those packs are often slow to charge, so this light makes even more sense when paired not with a traditional USB battery pack but the ingenious little USB adapter Blindspot came out with last year for Sony NP batteries: the power junkie.  When that unit first came out, it was obviously pretty cool, since every filmmaker has a pile of NPs hanging around, and as more devices take USB power, it was great to have another way to charge a phone while out in the field.

However, with the release of the new unit, we really see the power of combining the junkie with the crack to have a flexible, mobile solution for lighting.


While currently in the Kickstarter stage, this is the sixth Kickstarter for the Scottish company and it has a good record of delivering on their promises. This one is especially enticing since it promises a lot of flexibility on a low cost, including the fact that the unit is waterproof. 

Underlit the glasses at a bar, dip it in a cup of water, or just work outside in the rain, waterproof is always a perk. On top of that, they offer an inline USB dimmer as part of their Kickstarter perks for dialing in the precise amount of light you want where you want it.


Check out the Kickstarter or any of the other units.

Tech Specs:

  • 19 grams
  • Waterproof
  • USB powered
  • 5W draw
  • 120° beam angle
  • 95 CRI, 97 TLCI
  • 3-100% dimming