Jumping into content creation can feel like a whirlwind. While you can start shooting on your smartphone, eventually you may have to level up. Getting a camera should be fairly easy with how good they all are, but audio is a different story. Thankfully, a few companies are making some creator-friendly options that won't break the bank. 

RØDE Wireless GO II

Rode Wireless GO II

Save $30!
  • 2-Person Interviews, Vlogs & Podcasts
  • Built-In Omni Mics, 2 Omni Lav Mics
  • 2 x Mini Clip-On Transmitters/Recorders
  • Dual-Channel Miniature Clip-On Receiver
  • Easy Setup with No Menus
  • Stereo or Dual-Mono Output Modes
  • 7-Hr Rechargeable Batteries + USB Power
  • Powerful Features/Customization via App
  • USB Audio Interface Functionality
  • Up to 8 Mics on Set / 656' Range
2-Person System

Released in 2019, the RØDE Wireless GO II is a great all-in-one solution for mobile journalists, videographers, and vloggers running and gunning. This kit features a fully equipped 2-person digital wireless omni lav microphone system that lets you record audio with two subjects at the same time. The whole system is optimized for absolute ease of use, speech clarity, and effortless integration into your shooting setup. There's also RØDE's companion app which unlocks significant functions such as onboard recording, file exporting, and more. It's as close to plug-and-play as we'll get on this list. 

RØDE NTG2 Shotgun Microphone

Rode NTG2 Shotgun Mic

Save $75!
  • NTG2 Shotgun Microphone
  • Shoe/Pole Shockmount & Deluxe Windshield
  • Aluminum Cabled Boompole & Pistol Grip
  • XLR & XLR to 3.5mm Cables, Boompole Bag
  • AA Battery or Phantom Powered
  • Selectable 80 Hz Low-Cut Filter
  • Low Handling Noise
  • High Maximum SPL Before Distortion
  • Slight Presence Boost
  • Lightweight Metal Housing
Location Recording Kit

If you want a bit more oomph for your setup, this RØDE NTG2 Shotgun Mic kit is all you really need if you have a sound person. The NTG2 captures quality sound indoors or outdoors and is comfortable on indie film sets, TV shoots, or even documentary projects. With low handling noise, the ability to endure loud sound sources before distortion, and support for battery or phantom power, this shotgun mic offers a versatile, cost-effective solution for recording clean dialogue. Also, the NTG2's elevated sensitivity allows it to produce strong output levels without having to apply extreme gain at your mic preamp. This might be overkill for content creation, but it'll give you the best audio you can possibly get. 

Sennheiser MKE 600

Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic

Save $143!
  • MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone
  • Shoe/Pole Shockmount & Furry Windshield
  • Aluminum Cabled Boompole & Pistol Grip
  • XLR & XLR to 3.5mm Cables, Boompole Bag
  • AA Battery or Phantom Powered
  • Selectable 100 Hz Low-Cut Filter
  • Resists Structure-Borne Noise
  • Low-Noise Circuitry
  • High Sensitivity Requires Less Gain
  • Lightweight and Rugged Metal Housing
Location Recording Kit

This is another check in the overkill box, but it's a nice option to consider. The Sennheiser MKE 600 is a battery- or phantom-powered shotgun microphone with high sensitivity and low-noise circuitry. With a natural roll-off at 40 Hz and a selectable low-cut filter at 100 Hz, the MKE 600 can deliver clear intelligibility while attenuating low-frequency noise such as rumble. Plus, its frequency response incorporates a gentle rise in treble to enhance speech clarity. Just like the RØDE kit, this has everything you need to get plugged in and recording. 

SmallRig Forevala W60 (Honorable Mention)

SmallRig Forevala W60

New Release!
  • For Vlog, Mobile Journalism, Livestream
  • 2 Clip-On Transmitters, 1 Receiver
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Frequency
  • Omnidirectional Condenser Microphones
  • 328' Transmission Distance
  • 8-Hour Battery Life
  • Switch Between Mono and Stereo Recording
  • LCD Displays on Receiver & Transmitters
  • Plug and Play Smart Pairing
2-Person System

For our honorable mention, we have a new release from SmallRig that hopes to compete with the RØDE Wireless Go II. The system transmits high-quality audio with low latency up to 328 feet and features two clip-on transmitters along with one receiver. A built-in omnidirectional condenser microphone captures audio in either mono or stereo and features a low-cut function that eliminates low-frequency noises below 200 Hz. The gain of each transmitter can also be independently adjusted using dials at the top of the receiver. A 3.5mm output on the receiver connects to your recording device of choice. Much like the RØDE, the W60 is super simple to set up and use and doesn't require a dedicated sound person.

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