The Canon R5, R6, and flagship 1 DX Mark III have all received firmware updates from the company. The highlights of the new software are pretty impressive. The R5 and 1 DX Mark III both get a new RAW Light format, while the R5 also receives Canon Log 3 and a 120p mode in full HD. Additionally, all three cameras receive IPB compression options that will make editing higher-resolution files easier over the more processor-intensive ALL-I. 

Canon R5 Firmware v1.3.0


Most notably the firmware adds RAW Light to the 8K movie recording options, which will add to the color grade flexibility without eating away at your memory cards when compared to the RAW version. Additionally, Canon Log 3 has been added as a picture profile, and Canon states support for RAW movies shot with C-Log 3, and RAW Light will be available in Cinema RAW Development and Digital Photo Professional in a future update. 

The update also brings IPB Light to 8K and 4K recording options in H.265/H.264 as well as 120/100fps to full HD movies. Other updates include the ability to save and load camera settings to a card, the ability to completely turn off the monitor while shooting, manual RF lens support, and an estimated transfer time during FTP transfer, among others. 

You can download a Windows or Mac firmware version here

Canon R6 Firmware v1.3.0


Canon has added IPB Light compression to the 4K video functionality of the R6. This will enable lower bit rate shooting which can save you some memory card space and time sharing or editing files. The firmware also adds manual support for RF lenses, allowing full manual focus adjustment in One-shot AF and Servo AF modes. Additionally, estimated transfer times have been added while transferring via FTP and several fixes have been addressed, including times when the image would corrupt the viewfinder. 

You can download a Windows or Mac firmware version here

Canon 1 DX Mark III Firmware v1.4.0 


The 1 DX Mark III also receives the same RAW Light and IPB Light compression while shooting 4K. The formats can be selected in either H.265/H.264. Additionally, an estimated time is displayed when transferring via FTP. 

You can download a Windows or Mac firmware version here

With the updates, Canon's 1 DX Mark III and R5/R6 models share even more functionality under the hood, which makes a lot of sense. Canon says C-Log 3 will be coming to the R6 in a future update as well. Several software updates have also been released that add Apple M1 support via Rosetta for Digital Photo Professional (DPP) with v4.14 and EOS Utility with v3.13.1.