It’s about time Canon decided to widen out. We really need to capture the whole picture here. Since Canon finally decided to make the jump from DSLR to mirrorless, the popular camera and lens brand has been slowly, but assuredly, building up its RF lens lineup to be quite capable and robust.

But there have been a few gaps missing. One of those has been filled today with Canon announcing their newest addition to their lens lineup with the Canon RF 10-20mm F4 L IS STM lens, a full-frame ultra wide-angle lens that should help photographers and videographers alike stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take a look at this new ultra-wide lens and explore how you could possibly use it for your up close and personal cinematography needs.

Introducing the Canon RF 10-20mm F4 L IS STM

Designed to help open the door to all of the supreme full-frame visual possibilities that you could possibly ever imagine, the RF 10-20mm F4 L IS STM is designed to continue Canon’s respected reputation for optical excellence associated with L-series lenses.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • New Image Stabilization (IS) technology, to help minimize wide-angle “fluttering” at outer areas of frame
  • Impressively compact size and light weight (1.25lbs/570g) at half the weight of EF series 11-24mm f/4 L lens
  • Super quiet Canon STM focus drive motor, which is ideal for video and marking the first time this technology appears in a Canon L-series lens

This new lens addition enhances optical performance with a modern mirrorless lens design that comes fully equipped with all the features and specs you might expect for a top-of-the-line lens offering.

The RF 10-20mm for Video

While primarily being marketed as a photographer’s lens option, at least here early on in the launch, the Canon RF 10-20mm can also certainly be a great tool for a wide variety of run-and-gun documentary videographers and high-end commercial DPs.

The RF 10-20mm F4 L IS STM is set to feature a built-in lens hood which should be helpful for various bright or tricky environments. It’s also going to include a lens function button on the barrel for customizing functions such as AF settings, Pre-Recording, Zebras, and more, helping it to be more versatile for different shooting setups.

Off the top of our heads, we can expect to see this RF 10-20mm be a popular choice for any video/photo hybrid shooters who work in industries like real estate, weddings, or architectural as a great tool for shooting landscapes and cityscapes, as well as providing a wider option in your bag for getting into tight spaces.

\u200bA look at the Canon RF10-20mm

A look at the Canon RF10-20mm

Credit: Canon

Price and Availability

As you could expect for a high-end and state-of-the-art ultra-wide zoom lens, the price for this new RF 10-20mm is not cheap per se but is about what you’d expect for the quality. And, overall, as it is optimized for both photo and video, this versatile, full-frame L-series lens should provide plenty of visual drama to your imagery for outstanding results in the field.

Here are the main specs and prices below:

  • Full-Frame | f/4 to f/22
  • Fast Ultra-Wide Zoom
  • High-Speed STM Autofocus System
  • Optical Image Stabilizer
  • Programmable Control Ring
  • One Super UD and Three UD Elements
  • Air Sphere and SWC Coatings
  • Weather-Sealed Construction

Canon RF 10-20mm f/4 L IS STM Lens (Canon RF)

A state-of-the-art ultra-wide zoom lens, the Canon RF 10-20mm f/4 L IS STM delivers professional quality results for all your landscape, nature, architecture, and interior image-making needs. Optimized for both photo and video applications, this versatile, full-frame, L-series lens provides visual drama to your imagery for outstanding results.

Jourdan Aldredge