Written by Milica Vrzic

Being a part of filming Slotherhouse was a very unique experience.

When I first read the script, my reaction was “This is ridiculous, and I want it”, which proved to be the best description of this whole movie and experience itself.

The filming was done in Serbia, mostly at the White Palace. It was meant to serve as a sorority house, which to me sounded very odd at first. When I finally saw the movie, it made me think of how cool is to manipulate certain locations in order to serve the project and its purpose. Given that I'm Serbian, but have been in the USA since college, it was such a nice merging opportunity to work with both sides.

The cast was mostly from UK, USA, and a couple of us from Serbia. Film crew and production team were a mix. I found myself being fond of it because I was taking the best from both styles of work. In every collaborative and creative process, I think it’s extremely valuable to hear from colleagues who are also international. You get to learn about the industry even more from different perspectives.It is very refreshening and it also gives so much more hope to young actors when they get to travel somewhere where they would’ve never otherwise. You create some meaningful connections and get more inspired when you hear their stories (and struggles).

What I particularly enjoyed were the scenes of sloth murdering everyone because you have to have seriousness, but at the same time you realize how ridiculous it is and you are trying not to burst out of laughter.

'Slotherhouse'Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures

Additionally, I generally like stunt and action scenes, so I was thrilled about this adrenalin kicking in. I remember that after shooting my death scene, I was so excited and I kept telling everyone that was my best day of filming. Later I realized it might have sounded weird to people that I kept insisting on the fact that the death scene was my favorite part.

I think the takeaway from this can also be of how much in the world of film there is no equation, right or wrong, no particular rules really. I later found out how many things have happened and how many people had to be spontaneously connected before the producers and creators of the Slotherhouse decided to come to Serbia, which is basically another Universe.

It wasn’t something they first thought of. They worked on this project for along time, and they were open to expand their horizon which is a great thing when you're not a part of big production studios.These types of projects open you to the world of magic and thinking outside the box, which ultimately reminds you how much courage you need to have and also gives you an inexplicable rewarding feeling.

Slotherhouse releases digitally February 12 just in time for your sloth crush