How do you build a career as a cinematographer when the odds are against you? How do you create opportunities for yourself, when dealing with rejection, financial barriers, and prejudice? Is it possible to pursue your dream without conforming and becoming someone you are not?

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins speaks with cinematographers Bruce Cole and Alejandro Mejía to discuss:

  • Being drawn to visual art from a young age
  • The people who encouraged and inspired their creative dreams
  • Feeling motivated by rejection
  • Why New York is a great place to start a film career
  • The importance of having mentors in your career journey
  • Stigmas they experience in the industry as minorities
  • Why we need to stop glamorizing film careers
  • How to maintain balance during long, tedious projects
  • Cultivating yourself and embracing who you are
  • Having another creative form of expression outside of film

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