We all need a source of inspiration from time to time. Some read books or poetry, others visit museums or browse old photographs. But the internet offers so much potential at your fingertips. It's a near-endless source of information, and for better or worse, it's brought the filmmaking community closer to share experiences, processes, and tips for those doing it now and the next generations to come. 

In a video interview, cinematographer Natasha Braier sat down with CookeOptics TV to detail some of her visually stunning work, including The Neon Demon, Gloria Bell, and Honey Boy. Check it out. 

Perspective and personal experience drive a lot of our decision-making. With screenwriting, you probably heard the phrase, "write what you know." But today, it's more important to not only write what you know, but break through the noise. There are a ton of people out there competing for the same attention. If the first page of your script doesn't hook the reader, they probably won't turn to the second.

It's the same with the visual medium. Have confidence in your skillset, but be inspired by the unknown. Do something different.

Watching the clips of Braier's cinematography, you can see she doesn't adhere to a specific style. Her approach is in rhythm with the story, aligned to the director's vision. It's bold when it needs to be, pulls when it has to, yet is still layered with texture and mood. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the look of your project. And a few rules are made to be broken. So don't get comfortable.

If you feel you're repeating the same thing, take a step back, find some new inspiration, and take a plunge. 

Source: CookeOpticsTV