Vintage photography lenses are super affordable and can give you amazing footage which rivals modern, expensive glass. The problem is, vintage lenses weren't originally made to be used with modern cinema cameras. They are super small, which makes them difficult to operate and they lack things like focus gear rings so attaching things like a follow focus are a struggle.

Well, that's until now. With the power of 3D printing, we’ve upgraded the 40-year-old Helios 44-2 58mm f/2 lens bringing it into the 21st century and turning it into a cine lens.

This works by 3D printing six parts that fit over the lens and fix in place with small screws.

The new size is a massive improvement, especially when pulling focus by hand. The larger diameter improves accuracy, and the gear rings have been built to attach a follow focus.

Lens_builtCredit: The Film Look

The aperture gear ring makes it easier to change your f-stop and since the Helios 44-2 is a manual lens, your aperture information doesn’t get sent to the camera.

Now with the larger number ring, you can clearly see which f-stop you are set to.

Lens_usedCredit: The Film Look

The total material cost to print all of the parts was around $3, which is great value if you already have a 3D printer. If you don’t, I bet there will be someone on Facebook marketplace in your local area offering their 3D printing services.

The Helios 44-2 is one of the most popular vintage lenses out there so it’s worthy of the upgrade. If you don’t have a Helios lens, there are other cine lens upgrades that Edward Park has created. Find them here.

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