Australian-based lighting company, Creamsource, has been around for a while. Since 2004, to be exact. Since then, it has released a robust line of LED-powered lighting solutions for filmmakers. 

Most significantly among them are the Vortex8 2x1 panel and the Vortex4 1x1. Recently, at NAB, the team released new software for the Vortex line to give programmers and creatives more options for designing light. 

But where does Creamsource go from here? To Japan, of course, where the lighting team may have taken some notes from Voltron and the Power Rangers.

The LNX System

We met up with the Creamsource crew at Cine Gear 2022, where they announced their LNX system, a rigging solution to theoretically combine any number of Vortex panels into larger light sources.

Creamsource Vortex4 w/ LNX SystemNine Vortex4 panels w/ LNX SystemCredit: Creamsource

Depending on the configuration, the LNX system consists of a baseplate with pins on one end and a speed rail clamp on the other. These rigging nodes connect at each corner of a Vortex light panel, allowing users to connect them like Legos.

Or Voltron, if you’re super nerdy.

Then you just run a speed rail through the LNX rings, and you can clamp your new anime robot to anything you want. 

Creamsource LNX w/ Speed Railconnecting to speed railCredit: Creamsource

During our conversation at Cine Gear, we discovered that the focus of the LNX system was all about safety. Each pin is rated for roughly 150 pounds, so if you’re running an LNX node with four pins, that’s roughly 600 pounds of max weight. With a Vortex8 weighing at just under 35 pounds at most, no matter how many lights you snap together, they’re going to be rock solid. 

Creamsource LNX pins w/ auto locking featureLNX pins w/ auto locking featureCredit: NFS

Each baseplate and pin system also has redundant safety features, which include multiple latches and auto-locking features.

This means that once a pin or node is in place, it’s not going anywhere unless you want it to.

Creamsource LNX configurationsLNX configurationsCredit: Creamsource

While final details are still being ironed out, we saw LNX configuration with 1-pin, 2-pin, and 4-pin. As we said earlier, this means you could theoretically build an unlimited array. Your only limitation is how much weight you can lift off the ground.

Imagine filling the entire wall of a sound stage.

Why would you do that? We don’t know, but you can do it. 

Pricing and Availability

The LNX system was just announced at Cine Gear 2022, so the final pricing and package details are still being worked out. However, we were told that the cost would fall in line with other grip gear of this caliber. 

When the LNX system finally does drop, creatives using Vortex panels are in for a treat. Just refrain from yelling “It’s Morphin’ Time” when you start setting up. 

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