In many ways, SXSW is just a big smorgasbord of all of the most buzzy terms and concepts currently flying through the air in the world of film, tech, and music. While not everything is worth grabbing onto perhaps, it’s interesting to see which ones seem to buzz the loudest and eventually become real.

One example of this is the filmmaking duo Daniels, which has a long history with SXSW film and even premiered their Oscar-winning feature Everything Everywhere All at Once at the 2022 SXSW Film & TV Festival.

Back at this year’s fest as keynote speakers though, Daniels had a lot more to share about their award-winning feature, plus insights into how they see the buzziest of buzz words, “AI”, shaping the next few years of film, tech, and entertainment.

Daniels on AI and the Future of Film

While they were mostly talking about how they were able to pull off Everything Everywhere All at Once, a seismic and beautiful film that captured the hearts and minds of the cinema world, there was certainly a buzz in the room when they spoke as AI had been a hot topic on everyone’s minds.

Notably, throughout the week there were audible boos from the crowds of film-goers when AI was touted by industry experts during pre-roll highlights shown at the film screenings. So it’s fair to say that Daniels, and everyone in the room, knew that a discussion about AI was brewing.

Still, speaking about their film, writers and directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert were able to give some interesting insights into their thoughts on the budding AI revolution and how it could eventually shape the state of the world, the impending climate crisis, and the collapse of consensus truth.

If you’re curious to hear more, you can watch their whole keynote in its entirety below.