Kelly Fremon Craig is a writer and director who has earned awards and nominations for her first feature, The Edge of Seventeen. Her second feature, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, is based on the very famous Judy Blume novel of the same name. The main theme of this film is what it’s like to undergo the complicated process of puberty, which is ironically similar to Craig’s experience with the screenwriting process.

In this episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins and director Kelly Fremon Craig, discuss:

  • How this film brought a sense of relief from embarrassment 

  • Why the worst place to create from is a place of self-consciousness

  • Accepting the complicated emotions that arise during the writing process

  • Trying to render the truth of an experience 

  • Letting kid actors give their authentic reactions on camera

  • Giving actors the freedom to play and create on set

  • How she decided to shoot a very specific scene in the film

  • Figuring out how to shoot more intimate moments without crossing the line

  • Why directors need to get different versions of a shot

  • Watching all the different takes and pulling out the nuggets

  • What Kelly hopes this film will inspire viewers to do

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