Known for over a decade as a leader in drone technology, DJI has been working hard to expand its product line and research into pretty much all areas of film and video production. And now, in what seems like a long-time coming in retrospect, DJI has announced their own 3D model editing software.

Dubbed ‘DJI Modify’, this new 3D model editing software is being launched under their DJI Enterprise sub-brand and is focused on providing professional survey users with end-to-end solutions for reshaping the landscape of 3D model editing.

Let’s take a look at DJI’s inaugural foray into intelligent editing software and explore how it could be paired with a DJI Enterprise drone and DJI Terra (their UAV 3D modeling software) to bridge aerial survey, modeling and model editing all together.

Introducing DJI Modify

Designed to work seamlessly with DJI Terra to form become an all-in-one platform that caters to the diverse operational needs of industries such as surveying and mapping, urban planning, firefighting, and emergency response and many others, DJI Modify can be launched within a DJI Terra 3D modeling project in a one-click process.

The DJI Modify switch in DJI Terra will automatically generate files for model editing, including pre-identified objects and pre-processing of the model. DJI Modify will then further streamline interactions by allowing users to perform model file operations and editing tasks, such as automatic texture repair and batch flattening of vehicles, reducing the model editing workload.

Efficient 3D Model Retouching

The key feature to DJI Modify, for now at least, might simply be its ability to repair drone-captured 3D models to address issues like floating parts, water surface anomalies, mesh irregularities and texture problems.

Here are some of the ways in which DJI Modify will be able to easily perform common modeling repairs:

  • Floating Parts Removal: This function allows for the easy removal of floating parts with multiple selection methods, streamlining the cleaning process.
  • Flattening: Users can flatten selected areas, ideal for scenarios like removing vehicles from a parking lot or smoothing out specific areas of the map.
  • Texture Repair: The Texture Repair function enables precise erasing, cloning, and repairing of textures, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result.
  • Fill Holes: The Fill Holes tool utilizes machine learning to generate new mesh and fill in gaps in thin structures or areas with insufficient overlap.Water Surface Repair: DJI Modify smartly repairs water surfaces, allowing users to adjust the range, height, shape, and position for optimal results.
\u200bFloating Parts Removal in DJI Modify

Floating Parts Removal in DJI Modify

How to Try DJI Modify Out

Now, of course DJI Modify isn’t going to be for everyone in the film and video industry just yet. If you’ve already been exploring DJI Enterprise for different aerial survey or modeling needs, then this is going to be a game changer for you right now. But for the rest of us, it might be a bit before this 3D model editing software impacts our day to day production lives.

That being said, DJI’s diversification away from just drone manufacturing is quite exciting. DJI has built a solid brand based on innovation and ingenuity in a space that really didn’t even exist over a decade ago. Hopefully this new 3D model editing software will be a step towards other editing software releases as DJI continues to expand its impact across the rest of production.

If you’d like to try out DJI Modify yourself, you can test it out for free for six months by clicking here.