Usually film gear companies make a lot of noise when announcing their new products. However, without a whole lot of pomp and circumstance, right in the thick of CineGear 2019 no less, DJI quietly unveiled not only their new drone but also their custom aerial cinematography service in a video on YouTube.

The DJI Storm drone features 8 rotors, 40.7lb payload capacity, 50mph top speed, and 15-minute flight time, as well as Ronin 2, Master Wheels, and Force Pro support know...its own film crew through DJI's aerial cinematography service, dubbed DJI Studio.

Studio and the Storm, however, go hand-in-hand. In fact, according to The Verge, the drone itself isn't even for sale but rather used by DJI's trained professionals that you hire to go out and capture aerials for you.

The thought of being able to hire DJI pros to shoot your aerials sounds like a pretty cool idea, but 1.) there are lots of skilled professionals that don't work for DJI that already do that, and 2.) why not just sell the Storm so customers can save money by learning how to operate it themselves? (Seeing those two questions side-by-side actually kind of answers them both.)

The Verge also mentions that though this service has been available in other parts of the world for a few years using the Matrice series, it may not ever make its way over to the U.S.


I'm really intrigued by this sort of thing because DJI is effectively acting as a booking agent for its own drone and its operators. I also wouldn't be surprised if there's some sort of certification process that pilots and operators can go through to become licensed Storm operators and crew members for-hire.

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Source: The Verge