When we watch documentaries, we often don’t think about how these films can leave a lasting impact on the lives of the participants.

Not only do the films affect their reputation, but they can affect their businesses, relationships, and mental health. In this unprecedented era of documentary filmmaking, it’s time we take a serious look at the effects these films have on the lives of the subjects.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins speaks with Jen Tiexiera, Susanne Reisenbichler, Matt Klug, and Josh Harding to discuss:

  • How each of these filmmakers came to the world of documentary
  • All the sacrifices involved in creating a documentary film
  • Being clear about boundaries and expectations with the crew from the beginning
  • DAWG’s Framework for values, ethics, and accountability in nonfiction filmmaking
  • The depth of the connection between crew and actors
  • Finding the participants who would be featured in the films
  • Shifting the way things are done to improve the lives of participants and the crew
  • Establishing a consent calendar with the participants and what that looks like
  • The first steps to creating a documentary film

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