One of my favorite directors working is M. Night Shyamalan. He's a natural storyteller who does things his way. His visuals are famously sumptuous and deeply moving. But one of the unheralded things I love about him is his cameos. 

Shyamalan has been inserting himself into movies since the beginning. 

Like a modern Alfred Hitchcock or Martin Scorsese, he gives himself lines, pivotal scenes, and even drops characters off at major plot points. 

While some find these distracting, I think they sort of spotlight what makes his auteur style so unique. He wants you to know you're watching a movie. That he's taking you for a ride and that you better hold on. Instead of a win and a nod, this is a full-fledged flag-waving. 

So, when does he show up in each of his films? If you don't want minor spoilers, stop reading now.

If you don't mind, check out when you should expect to see him. 

When Does M. Night Shyamalan Cameo in Each of His Major Films? 

M. Night Shyamalan is known for making cameo appearances in many of his films. Some of the films in which he has made a cameo appearance include:

  1. Praying With Anger (1992) - Shyamalan plays the lead character of Dev Raman. 

  2. The Sixth Sense (1999) - Shyamalan appears as a doctor in a hospital.

  3. Unbreakable (2000) - Shyamalan appears as a stadium drug dealer.

  4. Signs (2002) - Shyamalan appears as Ray Reddy, the man who accidentally killed the main character's wife.

  5. The Village (2004) - Shyamalan appears as a park ranger in an outpost.

  6. Lady in the Water(2006) - Shyamalan appears as a struggling writer.

  7. The Happening (2008) - Shyamalan appears only as a voice, asking one of the lead characters on a date.

  8. Split (2016) - Shyamalan appears as a tech worker. 

  9. Glass (2019) - Shyamalan appears as a man in a bar who gets into a fight.

  10. Old (2022) - Shyamalan is the hotel van driver. 

  11. Knock at the Cabin(2023) - Shyamalan appears in an infomercial for chicken fryers. 

These are some of the most notable cameo appearances by M. Night Shyamalan in his films. Like Hitchcock, Shyamalan's presence can remind us we're in a movie, but since his films are all so well-made and usually have elements of fun, they are a casual reminder there is a craftsman at the helm about to take us on a journey. 

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