FiLMiC Pro now supports a clean HDMI output for iOS and Android devices with version v6.12.0. The popular video recording app has been used on a number of high profile projects including Steven Soderbergh's Unsane & High Flying Bird, Snow Steam Iron by Zack Snyder, Olivia Wilde's No Love Like Yours, and more recently on Apple TV's series Mythic Quest.

The draw is the number manual features it offers where settings like aperture, focus, LOG shooting modes, and video assist tools are easily accessibly by filmmakers at their fingertips. 

In this latest version, FiLMiC Pro fully supports the DJI OSMO series including the latest OM 4 smartphone stabilizer. Users now have the ability to output a clean feed over the HDMI, and when connected to the DJI stabilizer, the app will automatically detect the model. FiLMiC has also added digital zoom in modes 2 and 3 by pressing up/down on the joystick. Plus, a new full-frame reticle mode has been added that allows you to set the exposure and focus which is fixed in the center of the frame. 

The notable update is the clean HDMI support that allows you to send a video signal or HDMI or wirelessly using Airplay. A clean HDMI removes any user interface elements that might be overlaid on the screen. While it's unclear if Android users will see the same benefit using Chromecast, with the update, FiLMiC Pro can be integrated into a live stream studio setting using the ATEM Mini from Blackmagic Design or as a webcam with the Elgato CamLink 4K. 

The update also lets creators take advantage of things like mobile monitoring where you can connect the device to an on-set monitor or larger screen using an HDMI adapter or through Airplay on iOS. But the bigger question is who will be the first to connect the app to an external recorder like the Atomos Ninja V

The update is free for existing users and priced at $14.99 USD for new customers. The latest version is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play store.