Bad sound or unintelligible dialogue will instantly take an audience out of your story, which is why it's always important to put aside part of a film budget for capturing dialogue on location or, if necessary, recording ADR. By the same token, good sound can really elevate a project's production value, which is especially important for indie filmmakers wanting to up their game and make their marks.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tools that can help you fix your sound in post-production. Accusonus offers software and plug-ins for music, sound production, and clean-up.

Film Riot has put together a video in which they test the company's newest plug-ins to see if these one-button solutions to many common audio issues really work.

Watch the video below.

Common issues these plug-ins can fix

The plug-ins can be bought as a standard bundle or individually, and they are compatible with many video editing programs. They can also be combined, so if you need to both level audio and remove background noise, you can.

The plug-ins available include:

  • Voice Leveler, which can be great for podcasters or for when audio is recorded at different volumes or needs to be leveled above music and sound effects.
  • Noise Remover can be used to remove ambient noise like that of freeways, air conditioners, or fans.
  • Reverb Remover will take away echo.
  • De-Esser, which will soften all those sharp, high "S" sounds in dialogue.
  • Plosive Remover will do the same for the pops of "P" and "B" sounds.
  • De-Clipper can be used to compress extremely loud, aggressive sound.

Accusonus_plug-ins_compatabilityCredit: Accusonus

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Source: Film Riot