Believe it or not, AI is not an entirely new trend in the film and video space. Yes, since NAB 2023 there has been a flood of new AI tools, apps, and features sweeping into our industry—many of which are exciting, many of which are scary. But, in actuality, AI has been in film and video for some time and has been subtly changing different parts of the video production process for the better.

One such AI tool which has been around for several years now has been Colourlab Ai, which we covered here on No Film School back in 2020. And again, and again as Colourlab Ai has rolled out several different versions of their AI-powered color grading tools over the past few years.

However, not to get lost in this sea of AI news flowing over the market, we also need to report on the launch of Colourlab’s new Freelab, a new color grading tool that can provide one-click color management and is 100% free to use.

FreelabFreelab could be a great gateway into more advanced color editingCredit: Colourlab Ai

Of course, after you check it out, you might want to dive into using the full Colourlab Ai software, so there’s the rub. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at Freelab from Colourlab Ai, and explore how this AI-powered color grading tool can make your work easier and faster.

Colourlab Ai Freelab

So, the basic offering of Freelab is pretty straightforward. Freelab is a color grading tool designed to make your color editing work faster and easier with the help of AI. It includes advanced features and is easy to use, and did we say it’s free? With Freelab, you’re set to get true one-click color management as the tool supports more than 40 cameras (plus other materials for different cameras) which can convert their image into REC709.

Freelab also includes a collection of free X01 files (with more being made available on the company’s Discord Server if you’re interested) which can help you generate your own unique X01 looks using Colourlab Ai or the Look Designer Plugin for Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve.

This Freelab also serves as a free version of the Colourlab Engine which can generate a look based on the same principles of analog film. With the help of their own proprietary subtractive color processing, this Freelab version can help provide filmmakers with some amazing control and flexibility over the design and look of the colors in the final outputs of your videos.

The Full Colourlab Software

If you’re at all interested in Freelab, you should absolutely just go ahead and check it out. From there, if this seems up your alley, you can look more in-depth at the full Colourlab Ai software, which is used by over 500 post-production houses and can connect directly with your favorite video editing NLE.

Plus, as its name implies Colourlab Ai is powered by some of the more formative artificial intelligence in the industry which can unleash all types of AI auto-color, AI timeline intelligence, and AI processing into your coloring and editing workflows.

There’s lots more to explore with Colourlab Ai as the app has really become a full suite in recent years. In particular, the unlimited LUTs unlocked with Colourlab Ai are worth writing home about as you can use their Look Designer tool to build a LUT from scratch, or simply browse LUTs like you would Instagram filters. With some Smart LUT controls and source image uploads, it’s really a dream (and a fun time suck) for anyone looking to hone in on their color designs.

What are you excited about in the world of color editing and AI though? Let us know if Freelab is something you might be interested in with your own projects in the comments below.