We are all on the hunt for great gear that doesn’t break the bank. Most filmmaking equipment tends to be on the pricier side, and searching for a better option can take quite a bit of time.

I tend to give up on the search for the cheaper option on a piece of equipment I need because I am afraid that the quality won’t be as good as the expensive option. If you’re anything like me, searching feels more like doom-scrolling for a quality and affordable option that doesn’t exist. 

Well, stop scrolling, because we found a pretty good list of lights, grips, and other filmmaking equipment to make life easier.

DSLR Video Shooter breaks down the best video accessories and gear for under $30 that will make your videos easier to shoot and more cinematic. Check out the full video below, then look at the list.

  • Andoer LED Video Light: this fully metal LED light with a built-in battery has a vast range of colors, temperatures, and levels of brightness to get great backlight in any shot.  
  • ANDYCINE Friction Monitor Mount: this is the perfect tool to mount your monitor to your rig or camera. It is small, compact, and allows you to adjust the angle of your monitor with a single hand. 
  • Camera Cube Bag: this tiny cube bag with adjustable dividers is a great storage option for your camera, lenses, and other accessories. Because of its compact size, you can slide this bag into your messenger bag or backpack.
  • Desk Light Stand: everyone needs a light stand that can easily lock onto the side of a desk or flat surface.
  • Magic Friction Arm: this small rig allows you to add monitors or mics to it. You can also add a clamp to the friction arm to add other gear to it. 
  • Smallrig Nano Clamp: a small yet mighty metal clamp that can securely mount a camera, light, or any other gear. 
  • Short Light Stand: a small light stand like this is perfect for a low angled light. Its size makes it the perfect stand to slide into your gear pack and pull out whenever you need a stand. 
  • Ball Head: durable ball head with a secure lock on the side that can be threaded into almost anything.
  • Projector LED light: you’ve seen this sunset LED light all over TikTok for a reason. This LED light has a lens over the light that creates a soft fringe to the light’s edge, which makes it a unique atmospheric backlight for your videos. 
  • Lens Cups: another great storage tool to keep your lenses safe and secure while on the go. 
  • Microphone Stand: probably the best affordable microphone stand on the market with a ⅜ thread for any ball head or traditional microphone.  
  • Light Ceiling/Wall Mounts: secures lights on the ceiling or wall with ease.
  • Glass or Acrylic Mirrors: the best tool to bounce light to create depth in a shot. 
  • Domke Wrap: another great storage option to wrap your camera or other gear in, then toss it into your gear pack or backpack. 
  • Rapid Baby Adapter: this adapter allows you to mount anything with a ⅝ style light stand stud. You can also add a ball head to the adapter to put a small light on the stand. 
  • Power Squid: this squid is better than the average power strip. The individual outlets allow you to plug in any size power cord without having to constantly rearrange to make space for new cords. 
  • Lamp for Accent Lighting: any cheap lamp can add ambiance to the background. Putting a color-changing LED light in the lamp can also provide even more depth in the background.
  • POSCA White Paint Markers: almost all filmmaking and video-making gear are black, so a white marker is great to label your gear. 
  • Monoprice Ultra Slim HDMI: everyone needs an HDMI cord, and this slim HDMI will work with all your specs without taking up too much space. 
  • Angled HDMI: this right angle to left angle HDMI cable is perfect for connecting your mounted monitor that is on top of your camera. The only downside to this HDMI is that it doesn’t support 4K.

Do you have any of this gear? Let us know your thoughts on any of the gear in the comments below! 

Source: DSLR Video Shooter