I know, we know, all of us self-described hipsters who got into analog photography during COVID are a bunch of phonies. But, pretentiousness aside, it’s a pretty damn fun hobby. So it’s always cool to see some new film stock come out to help reinvigorate the scene.

But Harman Photo isn't just some company with hopes of capitalizing on nostalgia. This is the same company that manufactures all of the Ilford-brand films. Its new Harman Phoenix 200 is an attempt to bring new life to film photography.

Let’s take a look at this ISO 200, 36-exposure film, designed for 35mm SLR cameras, and explore how it could be a great tool for those looking to try out new options.

Harman Phoenix 200 Film

All jokes aside, this new film is pretty cool. Best known for its black and white film stocks, it’s an interesting choice for Harman Photo to develop—yet that’s probably what makes it the most intriguing.

Designed to provide some beautifully high-contrast photos with deep grain yet punchy and vibrant colors, the Phoenix 200 looks like it could become one of the more popular looks for professionals and Instagram amateurs alike.

With a DX-coded cassette that can be rated between 100 and 400 ISO, Harman Photo has made a film that might perform best at ISO 200 but has enough range that it should still be a great option for a lot of different environments.

\u200bHarman Phoenix 200 film

Harman Phoenix 200 film

Harman Photo

A Limited Edition Color Film

This is truly a new venture for the company, so the success of its sales will most likely decide whether or not Harman Photo will further explore color film with bigger runs or if this might truly be a one-off project.

Regardless, if you’re interested in trying out a new film stock and exploring its color space, this is a great time to explore and perhaps find some inspiration.

“We think this is unlike any other color film on the market. As it is our first, we also recognize it is not perfect, but the film community is crying out for choice when it comes to color, and we want them to know we are listening.”
— Giles Branthwaite, Harman’s sales and marketing director.

With good, consistent light, this Harman Phoenix 200 should also provide some nice halation, an effect that you can always replicate digitally if you’re looking to add a film look to your own digital photo or video projects.

Grain and color

Grain and color

Harman Photo

Price and Availability

However, if you really want to find out how this Harman Phoenix 200 film looks and feels, it’s probably best that you just try it yourself. As someone who’s had their own experience with learning analog photography and how to work with different films for different looks, you can only learn so much online and with YouTube videos.

The Harman Phoenix 200 film is available starting Dec. 1, 2023, and is available online for $13.99. If you’re interested, check out the specs and purchase link below.

HARMAN technology Phoenix 200 Color Negative Film

Phoenix 200 from HARMAN technology is a limited edition color negative film that represents the first foray into color for a brand with a 100-year history in film manufacturing.



Harman's new film has already been in the hands of creators, and while the response was filled with excitement, there were visible obstacles yet to overcome. Making black and white film is one thing, but color film is leagues more difficult.

Whatever comes from this project, the future of film only seems brighter with companies like Harmon leading the charge in developing new stocks for creatives to try.

While it won't be used on the next motion picture, it's a start to an amazing journey that we hope won't end before it begins.