Werner Herzog is a filmmaker synonymous with adventure and exploration. Now, in conjunction with Spanish production company La Selva, he's going to take 50 filmmakers into the Amazon and mentor them through an 11-day course where they will complete short films. 

But don't take my word for it, listen to Werner himself. 

Here's how La Selva puts it:

"Under the advice of the mythical German director, each participant will individually experience all the stages of making a film, from the idea, inspired by a theme proposed by Herzog on the 1st day of the meeting, until the first exhibition of the piece finished on the eleventh day."

That's a pretty exciting opportunity for filmmakers all over the world. 

So where will this all go down?

The Amazonian city of Leticia, located on the triple border between Colombia, Peru, and Brazil will be the headquarters of the international creation meeting.

What happens in those 11 days? Check out the photo. 


Here are some additional benefits: 

"To favor creativity and the maximum use of time, the Film Accelerator will take place in an isolated residence without internet access. The base camp of the Accelerator, in addition to hosting the auteurs, will host the group talks and individual scriptwriting and editing advice."

So what's the catch? 

If you get chosen you do have to pay € 5200 (or $5,766.41 USD). That's pretty hefty..and it doesn't even get you airfare. 

According to their website this is the value of the project: 

– 12 nights (from 04/23/20 to 05/04/20)
– Three daily meals for 11 days
– Coffee station morning and afternoon.
– Availability of drinking water 24 hours.
– From Leticia Airport to the Workshop Basecamp / April 23rd
– From the Workshop Basecamp to Leticia Airport / May 5th
– 8 Daily routes in motorized boats available for visits to locations and shootings.
– Production team of La Selva, Creatiu Ecosystem
– 12 Local guides (English x Spanish interpreters)
– General pre-production folder made for the area.
– Database of actors: will include a varied casting of characters with their availability and contact.
– Database of locations: list of locations, with photographs, descriptive and shooting permits.

* Once the tuition fee has been paid there will be no possibility to make refunds.


Apply to go to Colombia with Werner Herzog here!