Over the last 30-plus years, no director has had quite the career as Edward Zwick. He's an immensely successful writer and director who has taken to Twitter recently to share his filmmaking rules, his directing rules, and some general career lessons

Well, Zwick is back. This time he's talking more about making yourself into a filmmaker and the things you can expect from a career in Hollywood. It builds on the lessons we've read before and I think opens us up to the future. 

Check them out. 





This was an interesting thread. I like how much it focuses on practical advice about how to sustain yourself. It's a marathon, not a sprint!

Even when things are going right, they don't always sustain. I love the bit about rejection being a lifestyle, because I feel like that's a lesson we all learn over and over. If a hit is what you do between the flops, you sort of realize the only thing you can be in control of day to day is your own production.

And also know it's okay to take time off, and really be drawn story to story. 

There's also the idea of agents not really being at your beck and call. That it's okay to wait to share ideas and give your brain and body a rest. I like the idea that we all experience these things at every level, and you can feel almost more anxious with a hit than with failures because it's so hard to explain why things are bought. 

What were your big takeaways? Anything you learned that you want to highlight? What did you think of the list? 

Let us know in the comments. 

Source: Edward Zwick