Twitter might be an echo chamber of insanity and people sounding off, but occasionally it delivers some amazing moments of free advice. A few weeks ago we got Ed Zwick's filmmaking rules and then we got his directing rules. Now Zwick is back with some rules about having a career in the movie business.

I won't lie, these have been really helpful to me in recent days, and I think they're incredibly valuable for our audience. 

So check out these rules and let's chat after the jump! 

Edward Zwick Has More Advice For Your Career in the Movie Business

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Wow, a lot to unpack here. There are a lot of lessons in here that I think people need to hear.

Sure, failure is a big one. We fail in this business over and over to have the opportunity to learn. But some of the most important stuff in here is what you can't learn in film school. it's how to interact with executives and agents, and how to handle what perceived success might be. 

Learning to get notes, listen to them, and manage your agent are things that can take years, so heed this stuff now. 

Above all else, are you getting better? Are your words and abilities being routinely sharpened and honed? Are you learning? When people think about building a career, they think about longevity and working on many projects, but that will never happen if you're not getting better. 

So do what it says last, and look on the bright side—you are trying to break into an industry where all this information is available right now. Listen to it, apply it to yourself, and run with it. 

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