The website StudioDaily focuses on news, tech and the storytelling behind the creatives in film, television and beyond. The online publication has been a favorite among No Film School editors and the community. Currently, a banner is being displayed on its pages informing readers that the site will shutdown come February.  


The majority of StudioDaily content has been written by its editorial director and associate publisher Bryant Frazer, an industry vet. The site publishes technology-related stories about essential gear and workflows for filmmakers including cameras, audio and software. It also created webinars as educational tools and awarded top tier tech with its Prime Award during the NAB Show. StudioDaily is also home to the Michael Goldman podcast series Podcasts From the Front Lines which interviews filmmakers about current projects. The latest episode featured cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto about his work on The Irishman

We've reached out to StudioDaily's parent company Access Intelligence to learn the reason behind the shutdown. Division President Kerry Smith said:

"As we built our assets serving the Media & Marketing communities over the past few years, we came to the conclusion that our StudioDaily property and its focus on equipment and gear was no longer a strategic fit with our current portfolio, and we made the tough decision to discontinue operations of StudioDaily." 

As for its content, Smith added:

"Content will remain available via an online archive at no charge to those in the industry who would like to access all the great content StudioDaily has published over its many years. The content link will be posted on Feb. 1 and we will leave it up for a period of time (probably several months)."

February 1 will be a sad day for StudioDaily readers and the exceptional contributors behind the site. There are only so many publications that educate and inform filmmakers about current trends and it will be tough to lose another. If you have any favorite articles we suggest downloading them before they're gone. 

Source: StudioDaily